Bulletport is an arcade game where you only move by teleporting yourself to your bullets. Conquer your enemies by killing all of them, wave after wave. 

Play on 7 different maps, with 4 types of enemies ( and a special one!) to get the highest score possible. Reach level 20 to complete the game. 


The score is calculated with how fast you finish a level and with how many bullets you have left. Each enemy killed, is 5000 points.

There's an online leaderboard inside the game, just submit your score with your name on the end screen when you're dead.  You can access the leaderboard by pressing the leaderboard button on the titlescreen.


This game was made mostly live on Twitch for the ScoreSpace jam and the GOTM jam 18

  • Scorespace theme: decay
    • Your abilities decay every time you shoot as your bullets are limited. 
  • GOTM theme: teleportation
    • The player teleports the the bullets location on demand, or when killing an enemy

You can also use a gamepad if you prefer!

  • Bullets are limited to 5
    • They bounce off walls for 5 times before disappearing
    • You regain a bullet if 
      • you shoot at another bullet
      • you kill an enemy
  • You teleport if
    • You kill an enemy
    • You press right click (you go to the nearest bullet)
  • Kill all the enemies to go to the next wave
  • Reach the highest score possible

Code, art and SFX by me, MrEliptik


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too hard.... every time I died I have to start all over again

Very unique concept, and amazingly executed! The game looks great and incredibly polished! 

The different enemy types added a new layer of complexity to the game, while keeping it extremely simple and easy to pick up!

I also really enjoyed competing for highscores on the leaderboard, keep it up!


Thanks a lot! I’m so glad you enjoyed the game :D I saw your highscores in the leaderboard, let’s see if you can beat me :P


Challenge accepted :D