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Dashpong is a fresh and fun 2021 take on a classic game. Full of energy and chaos, it fully embrace the arcade style to make a fun and competitive local multiplayer game. 

The game is in active development! You can follow the progress on Twitter or YouTube or join the Discord:

Solo training mode

  • Multiple maps
  • 1V1 mode
  • 2V2 mode
  • Special modes with power ups and crazy environments
  • Tournament mode, for your craziest game nights
  • Custom mode, where you can choose everything: maps, power ups, special modes, time, game points, etc.. 

Play the classic mode, with just you and the paddles or the arcade mode with tons of special modes and power ups:

  • Damage mode
  • Multiple goals
  • Moving goals
  • Icy ball
  • Destructive ball
  • Fragile paddles
  • Power ups (speed, force, longer dash, etc...)

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