A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Dashpong is a fun, unique and fast-paced local multiplayer game. High energy and sometimes chaotic, it's the perfect arcade game to play with your friends!

You can move freely on your side and create physics based paddles when dashing.
Push the ball into your opponents' goal by throwing your paddles across the map!

The game is in active development! You can follow the progress on Twitter or YouTube or join the Discord

Click here to get a presskit!

Defend your goal

Create paddles at the last moment to protect your goal!

Use the environment

Use the environment to your advantage!

Create paddles

Dashing to create paddles can save you, but be careful, it can be turned against you

Up to 4 players

Do all of the above up to 4 players locally. More people, more chaos, more fun!

Many maps

Small goals, weird angles, obstacles, all kinds of maps!

Many special modes

Rewind, portals, gravity wells, invisible paddles, and many, many more!

Solo training mode

  • Multiple maps
  • 1V1 mode
  • 2V2 mode
  • Special modes with power ups and crazy environments
  • Tournament mode, for your craziest game nights
  • Custom mode, where you can choose everything: maps, power ups, special modes, time, game points, etc.. 

Play the classic mode, with just you and the paddles or the arcade mode with tons of special modes and power ups:

  • Damage mode
  • Multiple goals
  • Moving goals
  • Icy ball
  • Destructive ball
  • Fragile paddles
  • Power ups (speed, force, longer dash, etc...)

Download demo

dashpong_demo_linux_v1.2.0.zip 92 MB
dashpong_demo_win_1.2.0.zip 91 MB

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Is it supported in 32 bit PCs.If not,plz export D@ŚHPÔŃG in 32 bit version.By the way,LÕVE YOUR VIDS man.

Right now I don’t have 32 bits support but I can try to do an export. I’ll have to check that everything is working fine before making it available. I’ll update you here when it’s done

BUG: I can't play the normal mode, I move the P1 to a side and press enter, nothing happens, I click on ready nothing happens. idk why but yeah it's not working I tried everything. It can create a bad impression, so I would suggest you fix it as soon as possible

It’s a local multiplayer game with no AI for now, so you need to be 2 person to play 1V1, that’s why you couldn’t start..

But I also tried add two players, and it still doesn't work

How did you try? With a second controller you press X (on xbox controller) to join, then use the joystick to select your side, and press A to toggle ready