Flamer is out!

This is it! After one month, it’s time for the first release of Flamer, my submission for GitHub GameOff 2019. This is my first ever game, and I’m super happy to have shipped it. It’s definitely not perfect, some things need to be fixed and it’s lacking content. I had so much more ideas but time was limited. I’m going to fix some things and release another version, one that I would enjoy playing, knowing that what I had imagined, is there. This is the first step of, what I hope, is the beginning of a long journey into game making.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!



Flamer_v1.0.zip 83 MB
Dec 01, 2019
flamer_v1.0.zip 85 MB
Dec 01, 2019
Flamer_v1.0.zip Play in browser
Dec 01, 2019

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