v1.1 is out!

It’s here, version 1.1! I wanted to do this update to fix a few bugs and add some important features I think where missing. This game was my first and made for a jam. It was a great learning experience but now I want to move on to new ideas, so it’ll be my last update. You can see the full changelog below.

With this version, the game is playable kind of as I intended. It’s missing tons of things I had in mind, but I’ll integrate them into future games. You can download any version linked to this post, or play it HERE directly on the browser.

I’ll keep posting about my future game, so if you want you can follow me here, on my blog or on my twitter


  • [game mechanics] vignette based on player movement (air time, platform hit, perfect jump)
  • [game mechanics] correctly working perfect jumps
  • [game mechanics] complete player stats collection (RT air time, avg air time, max air time, time elapsed)
  • [game mechanics] better player score calculation (smaller number)
  • [game mechanics] time elapsed
  • [arts & effects] zoom camera on slow mo
  • [arts & effects] add time elapsed to HUD
  • [arts & effects] better dash animation
  • [arts & effects] fix HUD moving
  • [arts & effects] particle effect (perfect jump)
  • [arts & effects] particle or other effect (double jump)
  • [arts & effects] player DOUBLE JUMP animation
  • [BUG fix][arts & effects] animate power-ups on player (up and down or small circle)
  • [arts & effects] new cover art (without play, tutorial, etc..)
  • [medias & promotion] video/gif promotion
  • [BUG fix][level design] up and down movement moving saws
  • [sounds & music] various sound effect (letter burning, jump, footsteps)
  • [BUG fix][usability] fix start button on web version
  • [usability] settings panel (resolution, music & sound effects on/off)
  • [usability] web version (itchio and/or personnal site (at least embedded))



flamer_web_v1.1.zip Play in browser
Dec 18, 2019
flamer_mac_v1.1.zip 120 MB
Dec 18, 2019
flamer_linux_v1.1.zip 118 MB
Dec 18, 2019
flamer_win_v1.1.zip 116 MB
Dec 18, 2019

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