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A custom node addon bringing the power of Regex to the LineEdit node.


  • Automatically restrain what the user can type in a LineEdit
  • Custom Regex
  • Predefined Regex patterns (Digits, Alpha numerical values, URL, email)
  • Run regex on line edit

How to use

Tick the Use Regex box and choose between a predefined pattern or enter your custom Regex pattern.

  • Prevent typing: The lineedit node will automatically remove the characters that are not fitting the pattern
  • If not using prevent typing, call run_regex() to validate the regex on the text of the lineEdit. Returns true if text match the regex

For example: If you enter a Digits only Regex, all the non digits characters will be removed when the user types them.


Running the EMAIL regex

How to install

Extract the line_edit_+ folder into the addons folder of you project (create one if needed).

Then head to Project Settings > Plugins and enable LineEdit+. You can now add a new node and select LineEdit+ instead of LineEdit


This addon is distributed as-is, with an MIT license. 

Learn more about it

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¨Hi, this is what i was looking for, but i get an error while trying to enable the plugin. Im using Godot 3.5, and sorry for bothering you.


I fix it. it was a directory issue, thanks again.


O that's quite helpful node, i was looking for something like this one for a while but could'nt find it, glad i found it!

Glad you find it interesting! Don’t hesitate to tell me if you think we could add stuff to it